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    BBQ - Due August 20 - Gayle


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    BBQ - Due August 20 - Gayle Empty BBQ - Due August 20 - Gayle

    Post  Scrap2bhappy on Sat Jul 04, 2009 11:42 pm

    Hi everyone, I am the Recipe Swap Coordinator and this is the first month we are running our recipe swaps. We welcome you to join and have lots of fun. We do have specific requirement to the recipe swaps but they are simple and we do hope you'll have lots to share with us.

    First, we do ask that all recipe cards be layered at least one time. They must be embellished at least 2 times. The cards should be representative of the theme of the swap meaning that you should embellish a Christmas recipe with Santa, reindeer etc. The recipe should also pertain to the theme as well.

    The paper you use should be quality cardstock and paper. Please do not use construction paper as it is not acid free! All recipes must be typed and no hand writing will be allowed.

    So, let's get started with our BBQ 6x6 swap. Please find a recipe that is a BBQ dish and decorate your card accordingly. Make 5 and you will get 5 back. We must have 6 people in the swap to ensure you will NOT get one of your own cards back.

    1 Kathy
    2 Gayle
    3 Barb S
    4 Leslie
    5 Evelyn

    Please place your completed items in a zip loc bag with a swap card and send to:

    Gayle Berman
    PO Box 1194
    Desert Hot Springs CA 92240

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    Evelyn Robinson - Group Coordinator

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    BBQ - Due August 20 - Gayle Empty Re: BBQ - Due August 20 - Gayle

    Post  Scrapkat on Sun Jul 05, 2009 2:22 pm

    Hi, Gayle. I'm glad we got the recipe card swaps started. Thanks for coordinating them! I'd like to sign up for the BBQ. Before I finalize a recipe, though, I need a little clarification. Are you looking for only items with a barbeque sauce, or any items suitable for grilling or serving with a "cook-out" menu? I'm in, no matter the answer, but the recipe choice may change.


    Kathy -- the recipes should be ones that are for serving with a cookout menu. Hope that helps. Thanks so much for signing up.


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    BBQ - Due August 20 - Gayle Empty BBQ

    Post  nybarbara67 on Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:19 pm


    Please sign me up for this swap.


    Barbara Stephenson

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    BBQ - Due August 20 - Gayle Empty Re: BBQ - Due August 20 - Gayle

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